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Terms of Sale


These General Terms and Conditions of Sale (henceforward referred to as the "Terms") apply and are applicable to any contract for the sale of products (henceforward the "Products") and the provision of services (henceforward the "Services") of AIRBLOCK LTD (henceforward the "Seller"), concluded in Greece or abroad, with each customer (henceforward the "Buyer"). AIRBLOCK LTD is in no way bound by any additional or contrary to these terms of the "Customer".



You can pay for your order in one of the following ways:


1. Cash upon delivery: You receive the order at your place from the courier company and pay at that time.

2. Credit card: Through the completely secure and encrypted page of Piraeus Bank.

3. Payment in our store: Payments are made in cash once you have received your receipt from the store of Monastiriou or Sindos.

4. PayPal: It is the most growing payment method as it combines the advantages of the credit card and ensures the security of the transaction.

5. Deposit in a bank account: You can deposit the money for your orders in one of the following current accounts, under the brand name AIRBLOCK Ltd.:

  • National Bank of Greece: 236 / 44 03 28 – 25 (IBAN:GR84011023600000023644032825)
  • Eurobank: 0026.0350.41.0200 50 8013 (IBAN:GR1902603500000410200508013)
  • Piraeus Bank: 5261 – 035772 – 622 (IBAN:GR0801722610005261035772622)
  • Alpha Bank: 7180 0233 0001 630 (IBAN:GR6201407180718002330001630)
  • Procredit Bank: 1400 011001 (IBAN: GR811160000000000001400011001)

In order to identify your payment, please let us know either by phone or via e-mail at



1. Placing orders: No order is considered acceptable by the Seller unless confirmed in writing by him (e-mail).

2. Specifications: The quantity, quality and description of the products are explicitly mentioned in the Seller's offer (if accepted by the Buyer) or in the order (if accepted by the Seller). The Seller reserves the right to make any changes to the Specifications of the Products required to comply with applicable legal requirements or at the specific request of the Buyer, as long as such a change does not materially affect the quality or performance of the Products.

3. Order Cancellation: No Order Accepted by the Seller may be cancelled, altered or suspended by the Buyer without the Seller's written agreement and provided that the Buyer will fully indemnify the Seller against all damages (including loss of profit), costs (including the total cost of labour and raw materials used) and charges incurred by the Seller as a result of cancellation; modification or suspension.



All orders are shipped within 1-3 working days, depending on the availability of the product. Orders made up to 12:00 are executed on the same day, depending on the shipping method you have chosen and provided that all the necessary elements of the order form are correct. Where necessary, we confirm your order by phone to avoid errors or omissions and to inform you about the shipping costs. Below you can see the available shipping methods:

1. Courier company

It is preferred for small packages with low weight (up to 50kg).

  • Charge: 5,00€ for parcels up to 4kg + 1,00€ for every extra kilo..
  • Payment by: Cash on delivery (no extra charge), Bank deposit, credit card or PayPal.

2. Transport company

Usually recommended for bulky and/or heavy products such as air compressors or machinery. Airblock offers to deliver your order to a shipping company of your choice.

  • Charge: After consultation with the transport company.
  • Payment by: Bank deposit, credit card or PayPal.

3. Pick-up from an Airblock store

You can pick up your order from our store in the centre of Thessaloniki or from the Industrial Area of Sindos. See here for more information about the exact address of our stores.

  • Charge: Free of charge.
  • Payment by: Cash, bank deposit, credit card or PayPal.

4. Delivery to your address

Valid for delivery within the Prefecture of Thessaloniki and if the order exceeds the value of 100,00 €.

  • Charge: Free of charge.
  • Payment by: Bank deposit, credit card or PayPal.



1. The goods are transported on behalf, at the risk of the Buyer.

2. The delivery of the goods to the competent carrier is considered delivery to the Buyer.


Any dispute concerning the receipt, quality, quantity, and value of the goods received must be expressed in writing and within two working days of receipt. Otherwise, it will be assumed that the goods were received unreservedly, even if the accompanying item was not signed by the Buyer for any reason.



1. Measuring instruments are generally not changed or returned.

2. It is forbidden to return without prior consultation and in any case after the lapse of 14 days from the receipt.

3. The packaging should not be damaged, and the product should be in its original condition.

4. The value of the refund shall be offset.

5. The shipping costs or any return of the goods away from headquarters, even if the merchandise is under warranty, shall be borne by the Buyer.



The prices in the official catalogue of AIRBLOCK LTD are those applied on the date of order. AIRBLOCK LTD reserves the right to modify without notice the prices of the price list of products, until delivery, in case of cost increase.



1. The details of the prices and listed payment methods shall be those agreed.

2. The payment of the invoice shall be interest-free only if paid in cash or by any appropriate banking means, within the agreed and indicated on the relevant document, payment time from the date of issue.

3. The payment of the invoice value in cash or by securities, in addition to the agreed and indicated method/time of payment, shall be borne by the Buyer with the legal interest for late payment.

4. Until the payment of the invoice, the ownership of the goods shall be withheld in favour of the Seller.



1. The Buyer fully and unreservedly accepts the terms of this sale upon receipt of the document.

2. The Courts of Thessaloniki shall have jurisdiction in any dispute.