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The air that is constantly lost in leaks costs dearly. But do you know how much?

Call us today at 2310722555 to find out how leaks increase your business' energy costs and find out what you can get from the innovative Stop The Hiss service.

stop the hiss expairts

Every day, at various points in each plant, small or larger compressed air leaks are heard from the machinery, tools, connections or piping that power the production. But these losses are costly. And they are expensive.

As shown in the table below, an air leak at a pressure of 7 bar from a 2.5 mm hole can cost more than 5,000 € a year in electricity!

leak measures

The reason is that it forces the air compressor to work continuously in order to respond and - because we are talking about industrial plants - the air compressors are high power and therefore high energy consumption.

What does AIRBLOCK's STOP THE HISS service offer me?

Our new & innovative service aims to identify, record, and cost-effectively track your business's compressed air leaks and - if repaired later - to reduce your business electricity costs.

More specifically it includes the following:


the majority of customer leaks


the size of the leak, in l / min but also in m3 per year


each of the recorded losses, as € lost annually in electricity


of the leak and brief instructions for repairing the damage

 Overall analysis

of the current situation and the provision of benefits annually in € in the event of a correction


labeled leakages indicating the date of inspection and all possible costs incurred

Detailed reference

At the end of the service, we deliver an ISO 50001 certified report showing all the leaks and next to each one you will be able to see ltr / min, as well as € lost annually in air losses (next picture shows an example of the report you receive)

Εκθέσεις ISO

What can be the benefit of such a service?

The answer will be through genuine Case Studies of companies that have trusted AIRBLOCK and the results they have gained have led to immediate decision-making and - consequently - significant cost savings.

Case Study 1

Customer Profile

  • Manufacture of plastics
  • Total compressor power 400 HP


  • Number of leaks: 190
  • lt / min lost in leaks: 8.505
  • Annual cost of electricity due to leaks: 45.900 €
  • Annual CO2 emissions due to leaks: 472 kg/kWH


  • Stop The Hiss service: 3000 €
  • Damage recovery: 11000 €

Case Study 2

Customer Profile

  • Production of irrigation pipes
  • Total compressor power: 80 HP


  • Number of leaks: 29
  • lt / min lost in leaks: 643
  • Annual cost of electricity due to leaks: 2600 €
  • Annual CO2 emissions due to leaks: 36 kg/kWH


  • Stop The Hiss service: 550 €
  • Damage recovery: 1400 €

Why choose AIRBLOCK to detect your leaks?

AIRBLOCK, thanks to its many years of experience in the field of compressed air applications, has the same credibility and complete expertise to offer solutions and make improvements that benefit every plant.

For STOP THE HISS service, AIRBLOCK uses CS INSTRUMENTS modern LD510 ultrasonic probe with touchscreen and camera, which in conjunction with the company's advanced software creates customized reports for the customer and is superior to conventional leak detection equipment:

  • At the speed of the finding process (from a few hours up to 1-3 days depending on the size of the unit)
  • The accuracy of the measurements.
  • To convert real-time crawl data to Lt / min € so that it is perfectly understandable.
ld500 ανιχνευτής διαρροών

Call at 2310 722 555 and immediately book an appointment with our company engineer to visit your work factory and give you an estimate of the costs and benefits that your business can derive from the STOP THE HISS service.