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You can pay for your order in one of the following ways:

  • Cash upon delivery: You receive your order from ACS Courier and pay at that time.
  • Credit Card:  Through the fully secure and encrypted Eurobank Cardlink (3D Secure) page.
  • Payment at our store:  Payment is made on the spot at the time of receipt from either the Monastiriou or Sindos store.
  • Paypal:  It is the most developing payment method as it combines the advantages of credit card and ensures transaction security.
  • Deposit in a bank account: You can deposit the money for your orders on one of the following accounts, under the brand name AIRBLOCK Ltd. :
    • National Bank: 236/44 03 28 - 25 (IBAN: GR8401102360000023644032825)
    • Eurobank:  0026.0350.41.0200 50 8013 (IBAN: GR1902603500000410200508013)
    • Piraeus Bank:  5261 - 035772 - 622 (IBAN: GR0801722610005261035772622
    • Alpha Bank:  7180 0233 0001 630 (IBAN: GR6201407180718002330001630)
    • Procredit Bank:  1400 011001 (IBAN: GR8111600000000001400011001)

In order to identify your payment, please let us know by phone or fax at 2310 / 722-828.