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Νησίδα Βαλβίδων

EB80 is a new electro-pneumatic system consisting of one solenoid valve assembly, electric power supplies and input or output digital or analogue signal management. It is the result of extensive research, which mainly involved the collection of data and requirements from customers and their conversion into solutions. Apart from the above, it ensures organization and order when several valves are required in the series, thanks to its compact construction, while it is also protected against dust and dust IP65.

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Νησίδα Βαλβίδων
Νησίδα Βαλβίδων
Νησίδα Βαλβίδων


Supports up to 128 valves in series

Consumption 0.3W per valve

High air flow, up to 1100 lt / min

Operating voltage from 10.8V to 31.2V

Lifetime >50,000,000 moves


✓ 25-PIN
✓ 44-PIN
✓ Ethernet-IP
✓ EtherCAT
✓ Profinet IO
✓ CANopen
✓ Profibus-DP
✓ Ethernet POWERLINK