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Installation of 37,0kW inverter at a plastic factory in Sindos Industrial Area

AIRBLOCK undertook the study, installation and technical support of the compressed air production system in one of Sindos's oldest plastics production companies. In this case, a RENNER 37kW screw compressor with an inverter was installed, then a 2,000 ltr. receiver, a refrigerant dryer with capability of 7000 lt / min and as well as AF filters, all in bypass set-up for ease of maintenance and uninterrupted operation.

Besides this, in this industry, two RENNER 30.0 kW are in full parallel with the new one, fully controlling their sequential operation based on their own production and hours for maximum performance and energy savings. For the above coupling, the RENNER TRONIC PLUS synchronous controller was used to give an overview of all KPIs of an efficient system.