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Μετρητικά Συστήματα

With the integrated measurement systems of the German CS Instruments, you always have all the information about the performance and energy consumption of a compressed air installation. So you know at any time what indicators can be improved and how the air you consume, actually costs.

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Special features

Recording, storage up & analyzing measurement data

Energy management

Mathematical equations / analyzes

Cost of energy in €

Remote transmission via webserver

Support 3rd-party sensors

Up to 12 optional sensors can be connected

7" colour screen with touch panel

Flow sensors

Μετρητές Ροής
  • Accurate air compressor consumption or individual machine consumption.
  • Usable for different gases: compressed air, nitrogen, argon, CO2, oxygen...

Drew point sensors

Αισθητήρες Σημείου Δρόσου
  • Extremely long-term stable
  • Quick adaption time
  • Large measuring range (-80° to +20° Ctd)
  • For all driers: Desiccant driers, membrane driers, refrigeration driers.
  • Easy installation under pressure via the standard measuring chamber with quick coupling

Pressure sensors

Αισθητήρες Πίεσης
  • Large selection of pressure sensors with different measuring ranges for each measuring purpose
  • For pressure, vacuum or a combination of both.
  • Differential from 1.5mbar to 4.2bar.

Temperature sensors

Αισθητήρες Θερμοκρασίας
  • Measurement of ambient or air temperature in piping.
  • Sensors 2-wire or 3-wire
  • Temperature sensors with measuring transducer (4-20 mA output)

Heat sensors

Μετρητές Θερμότητας
  • Direct measurement of the heat output in kWh.
  • Special measurements in heating system and heat exchangers.
  • Connection to the recorder either by pulses or by analogue signal 4-20mA.

Power meters

Μετρητές Ενέργειας
  • Measures KW, kWh, cos phi, kVar, kVA.
  • External current transformers for encompassing the phases (max. 2000 A)
  • Panel mounting.
  • Data transfer DS 500 via Modbus


Μετρητικά Συστήματα

Real time measured values

All measured values can be seen at a glance. Threshold exceeding are indicated in red color.

Μετρητικά Συστήματα

Graphic display

This display replaces the former evaluation of ordinary paper chart recorders and offers lots of advantages. The time axis can be moved by a finger slide.

Μετρητικά Συστήματα

Statistics and reports

Offers not only the recording of the measured data but also the evaluation of all flow sensors optionally as daily/weekly/monthly report at the push of a button.

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