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The best choice for compressed air production in the industry is a screw compressors, as they are more efficient and have the ability to work continuously, as opposed to compressor with piston that need to stop to cool.

Their main component is the screw, the compression element. Then, of course, there is the electric motor, the lubricator and the oil separator, the refrigerator and the air cooled aftercoolers.

You can choose between various types of screw compressors, either with our brand name or German Renner. As for German screw compressors RENNER, they gain an increasing share of the Greek market. This is because they combine the affordable price with the huge construction reliability.

For high demands on air production, RENNER’s screws gain by difference, up to 75 horsepower and deliver up to 10,350 liters per minute.

Screw Compressor OL - Series

Screw compressor OL series

Screw Compressor PM - Series

Screw Compressor PM - Series

Screw Compressor RS - Series

Screw Compressor RS series

Screw Compressor RSF - Series

Screw Compressor RSF - Series