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Undoubtedly, air pistols are one of the most important equipment in the industry, from the start of the production process to its completion. As air pistols or pneumatic cylinders we call the pistons where they are made to convert the pneumatic power of compressed air into motion. They are distinguished in simple energy, dual energy and special applications.

As the only air-cylinder manufacturers in Greece, we are able to produce special products of all types with adjustments to dimensions, threads and operation. Thus, our customers can replace their old spare-part with a new one without the need for conversions and concessions.

Ειδικές κατασκευές εμβόλων

Where can the air-cylinders be used?

Air cylinders find application even in cases that we can not imagine, such as:

Automatic doors and bus trunks.

Binding presses, presses for clothes, mold presses

Milking systems for animals

Circular saws of aluminum or iron

Wood Machinery (crimping, spinners, sanders)

Wood shredders

Welding PVC margins

CNC machines, metalworking centers, milling machines

Printing machines

Sewing machines

Special piston constructions

Contact us for pistons construction according to your specifications